Alien Abducted

alienabducted_cvr-1This is a prequel novella in the Illegal Alien series. If numbered, it would be book 0.5. You don’t have to have read any of the other books in the series to understand what’s happening.

Toledo police detective Audrey Vorkink is good at her job and proud of it. No matter what the obstacle—sleep deprivation, single parent worries, stealth Lego attacks—she bulls her way through it with a combination of snark, logic, and sheer stubbornness. Perhaps that’s why she’s been selected to train the department’s newest rookie, a guy by the name of Brad Hardwicke. Their first case will take them completely by surprise. After all, no one really believes that missing people are abducted by aliens. No one sane, anyway.

Police procedurals get weird in this Illegal Alien series prequel novella by Carrie Harris.

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