Bad Yeti

Bad Yeti (Grable book 1.5)

Set in the world of BAD TASTE IN BOYS and BAD HAIR DAY, this digital story is the perfect introduction into the funny high school world of CARRIE HARRIS, where humor meets horror (and sometimes zombies, werewolves, yetis, and yes, even unicorns).

Jonah Grable hasn’t minded living in the shadow of his older, zombie fighting sister Kate, but this weekend he’s definitely raising his profile. A weekend of epic epicness—waving swords and flirting with girls in elf ears at his LARP club event—is totally up Jonah’s alley. But when his alter ego, Sir Talatien Maguirier, Nightdark Clanlord, comes face to face with a real, live Yeti, Jonah—or, rather, Tal—has to take matters into his own hands. So he sets off with gamer goddess Lady Amethyst, brown-eyed Europa, and Calamity, a braid-wearing barbarian in fur into the great unknown on a search for yeti-related awesomeness. . . .

Buzz for BAD YETI:


“It may be named after the yeti, but I’m really the star.” – A liger

“Screw all you losers. I get the guy in the end.” – A unicorn

“THIS IS SO EPIC.” – Jonah Grable

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Note: BAD YETI is only available in e-book format!