Dinocalypse Forever

Dinocalypse Forever Cover MockupA BATTLE IN THE PAST…

A time portal deposits the Centurions into the wilds of prehistory, where Gorilla Khan and his ape warriors are preparing for their invasion of present day. They’ll have to defeat the Conqueror Ape, save the domed city of Atlantis, and destroy the army of psychic dinosaurs before it can be unleashed on their home time! Meanwhile, a modern-day Sally Slick and Mack Silver try desperately to bring their lost companions home before it’s too late.

In a fight of desperate odds against talking gorillas, psychic dinosaurs, a one-eyed Tyrannosaurus, and a brain in a jar, can our heroes hope to survive…and save the world one more time? Find out in this exciting conclusion to the Dinocalypse trilogy!

Spirit of the Century™ Presents: DINOCALYPSE FOREVER.


About This Book:

Dinocalypse Forever is the third book in a trilogy started by the awesome and illustrious Chuck Wendig. Chuck wrote the first two books–Dinocalypse Now and Beyond Dinocalypse–but then was unable to complete the series due to being in demand because he’s awesome and illustrious. Since the books feature some familiar faces like Sally Slick and Jet Black–now grown up and fighting the good fight together–I stepped in to complete the final novel. It’s very different from my other books, since we wanted to get as close as we could to matching Chuck’s unique style. And, since it’s the third in the series, it’s highly recommended that you read the first two before you pick this one up.


“A fun pulp-style romp. Wish I’d thought of it first!” – Brian Clevinger, author of Atomic Robo, on Dinocalypse Now

“A raging flood of heroic pulp action.” – GeekDad, Wired Magazine, on Beyond Dinocalypse

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Softcover ISBN: 978-1-61317-017-5
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Audiobook ISBN: 978-1501221521

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