Freelance Services

Writing Services

Obviously, I like to sling words, and I’ll gladly sling them for you. I specialize in fiction, marketing (including Kickstarters), tabletop games, and medical topics, but I’m happy to learn about new things too. Here are a few examples of writing work I’ve undertaken in the past:

  • Articles for research journals
  • Car radiator product pages
  • Cover copy for novels
  • Kickstarter pages
  • Magazine articles about game design
  • Press releases for nonprofits
  • Study flashcards for medical students
  • Worldbuilding material for an online game


Editing Services

What if you’ve already written your words and just need help sprucing them up? I can do that too. Whether you need big picture feedback or help figuring out whether you need a comma or a semi-colon, I’ve got the experience to make it happen. Said experience includes editing:

  • Doctoral dissertations
  • Game rules
  • Kickstarter pages
  • Novels and novellas
  • Journal articles
  • Query letters and synopses
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Transcripts
  • Websites


Tabletop Game Industry Services

As an industry professional with over ten years of experience both as freelance talent and as an executive, I bring a lot of skill to the table along with my lucky dice. Whether you’re new to the industry and looking to set off on the right foot or an established player (sorry for the terrible pun) in need of extra talent, I’m ready to be an asset to your team. A few skills I bring to the table:

  • Game design, editing, proofreading, or evaluation
  • Kickstarter planning, drafting, and editing
  • Marketing materials such as flyers, product copy, newsletter copy, and web articles
  • Rulebook writing and editing
  • Website writing or editing



As much as I’d like to give cost info here, that’s tough to do. Even within the same category, there’s a lot of variability. An editing job that requires a lot of fact checking is much more work-intensive than one that doesn’t. If you’re interested in my services, drop me a note at to talk about your project, and I’ll provide you with some cost options.