The Monster Prom

Let’s get this part out of the way: I love monsters. If I met a monster, I’d slather myself in sparkles and sneak into its bedroom to watch it sleep. It would be really awesome except for the part where it slapped me with a restraining order. Or the part where I got sparkles in my eye and starting crying like a total goob.

But anyway. Monsters. I love them. The idea for the monster prom came out of one of my favorite games, Monster Math. The rules are simple: take two uber kewl monsters and put them together to create a REALLY uber kewl monster. For example:

Vampire + Mermaid = Merpire

Frankenstein + Cthulhu = Frankenthulhu

I play this game when I’m brainstorming plots for my books. BAD TASTE IN BOYS? Yep, it’s the result of a game of Monster Math that went something like this:

Zombies + Dr. Frankenstein + the dead football players from Beetlejuice =


Eventually, I took out Dr. Frankenstein and replaced him with generic weird science, but that’s how I came up with the general idea.

So the monster prom website is really just an excuse to play a lot of Monster Math. I admit it. In fact, some of the creatures on this site are taken from books I’m currently working on, so now you know things. Sekrit things. And you can taunt people with your knowledge. Go you!

When you’re done taunting, you can also check out the short story I wrote about the monster prom and the love/hate relationship between the pirate djinn and the ninja werecat on my home page. It’s free. Fer realz. Let me know if you like it. I could be persuaded to write more…

I hope you’ll contact me so I can squeal over its kewlness with you.

Read the short story…