RPG Books

I actually started out writing RPGs–my first paid writing gig was writing about magical items for a game. If you’re not familiar with tabletop roleplaying games, you’ve probably at least heard of them. The most famous is Dungeons & Dragons, although there are a lot of different types of games. Many D&D games (although not all) put the stress on rolling dice and fighting through dungeons. I work more on storytelling games in which the group works together to tell a dramatic tale about what’s happening to their characters.

Why RPGs? I’ve been a die-hard gamer for a long time. I spent most of my college leisure time (and a decent chunk of my study time, if I’m being honest) gaming. One of my favorite things to do is to write LARPS (live action games) for my friends. The serial killer LARP at the campground with the old graveyard was particularly epic.

I did most of my RPG writing in college, so a lot of the books I contributed to are out of print, but I’ve listed them here in the event that you’re trolling the used book store. And my new RPG, Young Centurions, will be available mid-2016!